Welcome to the new website. Kendal based photographer Tony has been a photographer in the Cumbria area for the last 12 years. Training at Cleveland college of Art 1994-1996 gaining a HND in Design. Previous to this attending Blackpool college of Art and design, with a high reputation in the industry for Advertising and Fashion.

In between these courses working in London assisting Professional photographers on shoots for Chivas Regal, Toshiba, House of Frazer, Harrods and Puma (Germany) in the Algarve and many more.

Working with many Design and PR agencies from all over the UK. Travelling widely, Shooting Commercial, or Editorial on a one to one basis with many well recognised faces.  Also a very experienced studio, Architectural and Interior photographer. Being  brought up with, and trained mainly on Large format 4x5 and medium format cameras, and now utilising the latest digital technology, imagery can be created to your exact needs.

Also any old or damaged Photographs or negatives can be scanned and retouched to there original. Please contact for details.

Please keep an eye on my site for my Creative work! And also a separate site for Landscape, I sell many Landscapes personally and through stock libraries. Eventually a news link, and a Book I have been working on, the book will be a while yet.